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Fingers of Time


Icy fingers slip


in through a cold winter’s night


witnessed by the moon,


welcomed by sun rays


whose task it is to thaw the


most hardened of hearts.


Coldness grabs the throat


while warmth works within the flesh


of a thousand bones.



Mountain weekend 092

Build a wall of stone.

Try to contain my spirit.

My love will seep through.

The Royal One


Crown of flying flames,


he burns bridges in the sky


til’ feet hit the ground.


Into The Day

Mountain weekend 112

With sun in your heart

your feet on the ground, just breathe

and walk into day.


Mountain weekend 011

Shelter from life’s storm


is freely provided by


a labor of love.



mill creek

Moss, leaves, grass, and trees

share the water, sun, and soil,

beating from one heart.

Fingers Of Dusk


Time does not stand still

as salmon and sapphire skies

slip beneath eve’s veil.

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