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hop fields at Blue Mountain Barrell House

Aglow in warmth,


love spreads across the mountain


in a goodnight kiss.


The Old Couple

old house and tree in Smithfield


It’s been so long they

forgot who came first.

Outliving family after family

has its downfalls…You

learn to live on memories

of spirit, love, and laughter.

You come to depend on the

one who has stood by your side.

Time echoes through the walls

as branches stretch for one last hug.

The Quake

creek off Pagan River in Smithfield


Rocks roll from the mountains,

moist with rebirth.

Hard, cold, and purposeful,

they carve a path through

a forest of resistance and fear.


Some days my words catch

in thickets of time as the pen

never touches paper and my thoughts

continue to spill into the ocean

like spent streams of raindrops.


My legs quiver as quartz tumbles

beneath my feet and we slide

against tree trunks ripping earth

from its roots to form

a world of our own.

What The Cows Wonder



All eyes are on me

as they plead for food and ask,

“Where did you come from?”

Demise Of The Walnut


A tough nut to crack

until it meets the jaws of

an autumn squirrel.


First Landing 054

Elements of life

eat the marrow from our bones,

leaving us weary.

Our strength endures as

we cling to the shores of life

and shine like stars.


Celebration of Life 327


We wander the woods

of our souls looking for light,

all the while it shines

a path before us.

What we knew comes to surface

as we find our way.

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