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This Is Where


Knee deep, in the thick,

where life begins and ends,

where soil, water, air, time, and wind

shape us and move us to where we belong.




Gold like summer’s sun

soybean fields wait for harvest

and warm fall’s palette.

The Way


You build your own road

by how you travel through life,

what you leave behind.

It is not the road,

but where it leads that tells the

story of your life.

Over The James


With a swoosh they glide

across water slick as glass

for a mid-flight rest.

Skies of endless chance

carry wings of change homeward

on this fall’s journey.



Quercus Queen


A southern beauty

waltzes in her season and

ends her days with grace.

Time Travelers

night sky over beach bonfire

Silver threads of night

entangle the sky in stars.

Time travels lightly.

In Waiting

Cape Henry Lighthouses 163

Huddled against wind,

he crouches as if unseen

‘til the next nut falls.

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