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Dying Voice


A sliver of ice

can chill a soul of motion,

and she speaks no more.


route 56

Heaven’s sparkling dust

lights a path in dark of dusk,

guiding ways of trust.

On Guard



Mountains snuggle the clouds

Like a fleece blanket

Wind tufts the dying grasses

To a slumber chamber for

The master of the fields

As his bones absorb

The chiming of fall

Into The Milky Way

Lighthouse Milkyway

Tonight’s stargazer

might be tomorrow’s sunshine

or the next night’s moon


IMG_0334 1

When the sun dances

the colors come out to play

and the swamp rejoices.


Humpback Rock 090

The view from above

might be beautiful beyond

the measure of time,

but the journey there

creates personal wisdom

treasured in the heart.

Heaven Bound

Fall leaves 2012 153


Walk into change

upon the path laid for you.

It will become yours.

When you are the trail

and another follows you,

you become the wind

beneath golden leaves

soaring past trees and sky to

the edge of heaven.

Night Moves

Old homeplace beneath the stars

I, who am afraid

of owl screeches  and coyote howls,

follow you into the cold,

dark night. You point

to Lyra and Cygnus, diamonds

of the Milky Way, sparkling

across the velvet shawl. As

the bobcats hiss, growl, and scream

like angry old women, I offer

you my hand as if

it were a torch.



When night and day

are but a swirl of dark and light,

When only wind whispers time

and stars are blinks of an eye,

dew rises to quench the thirst

of life as the end begins anew.




Purple tendril cloud

lifts from the lush bed of green

into winds of change

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