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Nightfall At The Beach


Fireball in the sky

Slips into quiet slumber

While the world still plays




Tangled in the jaws

of driftwood settled ashore,

I wait for a wave

to sweep me to sea.

I long for the rush and roar

of freedom calling.

In The Shadows

Rainy Split Rock Weekend 399


Darkness descends like rain

in the forest, cold and penetrating.

Wet leaves cling and weigh the soul

until it disappears into crevices

where life does not exist.

When one no longer sees,

does sun filter through the

branches to warm the heart?

The Looking Glass Of Life



Passing over the

bridge of life, water provides

reflection of self.



Whips, whirls, and whooshes

of water’s waves wash away

the cares of the day.

Into the Celestial Night

Photo courtesy of DirtMan Images.

Photo courtesy of DirtMan Images.

Broken glass shattered

across the black velvet sky

twinkles in the night.

Beach Day


Scent of coconut

fades into the salty air.

Laughter slips to sea.

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