SuziCate's Musings

Father and son, cruising the manuals

Of cars and life. The older man rolls beneath

The car while his son hands him tools.

One man is approaching the hill,

The other descending.

Greasy handed, one passes parts

And the other wisdom.

They talk oil, filters, and women;

The nuts and bolts of living and loving.

The father knows it’s important to rev

The engine, go for a test drive.

He instructs the son to drive

Around the block a time or two.

One tosses granules on the oil

On the driveway and the other words

into the still afternoon air,

both absorb as intended.

Together, they wash away the grime

And sweat of the day’s work.

They share a beer and few more hours.

More is said within the pauses

And passing glances until

The younger man gets behind the wheel.

One thing the older man knows is

The ride is over way too soon.


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