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Songs Of Wind And Water


Trees curtsy while the

wind whispers to water’s edge

and sun-sprinkled rocks.

Water falls and flows,

releasing its song to air

for the world to hear.

The Climb

St. Mary's Wilderness 298

Holey, worn carpet

leads the way to spikey gold,

today’s treasure chest.

In This Lifetime



One by one we stack

our lives against the current

to find our way home.

Yard Song

Mother's Day weekend 2012 034

Backyard symphony

Wind chimes clatter in the breeze

Birds sing in the trees

Mystical Morning



Clouds rolling over

Mountains as mist settles in

The valleys of time

The Hike

First Landing 021


With a ceiling of clouds and

 a floor of pine needles and acorns,

weary hikers tread with the sun and wind.

Breathing wood scent,

bird song, and nature’s beauty,

the trail swallows them.

Sifting And Drifting

First Landing 019

Shadows distort.

Sun dapples and lifts even

the lowest of hearts.

Nature’s Loot



On the pristine floor

Gold dust lures passing miners

in search of treasure




Sweet blossoms to lure

Briars to jab and repel

What hides in your heart?

The Exchange

First Landing 011

Trees wag their fingers,

warm breath caressing my skin

in timeless measure.

Beneath the surface

darkness breathes questions

and offers answers,

stirring quiet souls

to look and listen within

the heart of the matter.

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