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Nocturnal Adventures

Valentine Sky 003

Tree limbs climb the stars

while hugging tight to the earth,

connecting our worlds



Celebration of Life 326


From the plush green vine

fire shoots like a rocket

in search of new worlds

while we orbit the

stirrings of our moody hearts.

Sun filters through woods

of preset notions.

We thrust from the forest floor,

claiming what it ours.


canoe, Lynnhaven creek 019

From what never was

to a time never to be

rest eternity

from the depth of soul

to crests of forming ripples

we are touched by love

Many A Trail

trees and paths 024

Though the path is worn,

the traveler’s steps vary

and weather changes.

Mother Of Blue

delphenium 004

On the hem of clouds

Mother Sky guides her children

from bath to cradle.


delphenium 001

Sapphire ruffled skirts

wrap ribbons in their scarves

at the maypole dance.

See The Freedom Of The Moment



Bind your time in chains,

and breathing will come no more.

Life will rust away.

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