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Civil Duty

Tangier Island 083


From a seaport throne

He commands respect from all

As he rules nature

Guarding oyster beds

From land, air, and sea, the work

Is never ending

Take A Minute For You


Sometimes place calls you

 to sit and breathe in beauty

of this life of yours.

Tis In The Darkness

moon 001

Tis in the darkness I see best, those fine lines

Which lay upon my heart and wrinkle my skin.

Tis in the darkness, fog rises

Thicker than tree trunks,

And stronger than wind.

Tis in the darkness, I hear

The song of my soul. Like the cardinal

To his mate, I sing

Hoping to find myself.




Tears are the flux of

sorrow contained within walls

built by human love.

When the walls fall down

and we join our hands in hope,

we learn to rejoice.


Fall leaves 2012 080


When I’m out of tune,

like a broken radio,

static rules my life.

Not knowing the outcome

weighs my chest, reducing me

to a pile of junk.

Sharing This Space


Tis only the breeze

that separates you from me.

Mountains blend to sky

until we are one

and none of us stand alone

when we love others.




Sun bursts from purple

tutus rising in the morn.

Grass catches her fall.

Life In Ruins



Remains of a life,

once full and vibrant, is now

reduced to clutter.

Long Ago



Bridges to the past

open doors to secret worlds,

a visit in time.

Daily Renewal



Morning kisses me

softly upon my senses.

I am born again.

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