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A Book Up For Grabs

Swimming the River cover


My second book, Swimming the River is now available. I’m offering a free book on my other blog…see for details.

Swimming the River continues the journey started with Stepping into the Wilderness.

A Trace

Montebello wildflowers 072


Whiskers in the wind,

A slight tickle on the skin,

A lasting memory

Weathering The Storm

hummingbirds and ruby 001


Seek comfort within

When the rains of life pound you

You will learn to swim

In The Spirit Of Being

Montebello 007

Reflections of love

Touch hearts as they light the world

In a bath of peace

This Day

Beebalm 008

Fly by wings of sun

To places bursting with joy

Feel the warmth of love

The Guardian

Cape Lookout 024

Rest ye weary soul

No harm will come to you here

For you have come home

A Love Like No Other

crabtree falls 082

A trail of tears fall

 from heaven to cleanse this earth

in pureness of love

In Winter’s Arms

blizzard 2010 013


Sprinkle of softness

upon the arms of winter’s love,

soon to drift away

Dinner Time

St. Mary's Wilderness 298

Sticky feet ascend

a spiky ball of sunshine

to sip nature’s straw

reshaping petals

purple flies into the wind

as he gets his fill

Cool Cat..Oops, Dog!

Mill Creek and AT 084


Even dogs pretend

to be cool cats now and then

though we know dogs rule.

Purple makes the girl.

If fashion makes a statement,

I’m too cool for words.

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