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The Good Life

Norfolk Botanical Gardens 2 015

Master of blending


The sugar is gone before


They know I did it


Sweetness is all mine


And beauty belongs to you


Life is good to us


Children Of The Sky



Ripping through the sky

like angry little children

running through the house,

clouds will have their way

until the tantrum is done.

Then it’s time to play.

The Walk


fabric collage and Longwood 023


One step at a time,

as you walk through life’s hallways.

This journey is yours.

For Inquiring Minds

Today on my other blog The Water Witch’s Daughter I am sharing and excerpt of my book and offering a free copy. Come over and leave a message if interested in winning a copy.


Mountain weekend 027

Just hanging around

While weather and time take toll

And we are no more

Dream A Little Dream

Mountain weekend 005

Gnarly fingers grasp

Clutching the empty air where

Dreams float to heaven


Mountain weekend 002


Nature’s icy smile

Casts a glow into the world

And we all shine on

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