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Waxy Button Bloom

Hermitage Gardens 042

An open palm is

An invitation to life’s

Unfurling colors

A Rung On The Ladder Of Life

Hermitage Gardens 035

Fairies stop and rest

Quenching their thirst as they rise

To heights in the sky

Life’s Compass

Hermitage Gardens 034

How do I get there?

Jagged finger points the way

From the ground to sky

Like A Phoenix

Northwest River Park 060

In the cool and calm

We cleanse the clutter from life

And rise from the ash

Forty Winks

Northwest River Park 052

Rest in the silence

Let nature recharge your soul

Seek a love which lifts

A Glimpse Of Day

Northwest River Park 022

Shadow and sunlight

Sift and shift across the stream

In a drift of time

What Does It Matter?

Northwest River Park 021

A drop from the sky

Or reflection in the pond,

The splendor lives on

When The Job Is Done

Northwest River Park 015

Green turns to brilliant

Scarlet, orange, and golden

Hues of nature’s joy

Designs of beauty

So fragile, fall to the ground

And curl up and die

The Day Smiles

Northwest River Park 017

A glimmer of hope

Escapes a darkened woodland

With joy in her eyes

The Dance

Northwest River Park 014

Swinging in the breeze

The leaf hangs to its life source

While the tree spreads roots

Eating through the ground

When the leaf swallows the tree

We will cease to breathe

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