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Full Circle

Just a little nut

dreams of spreading far and wide

roots deep in the ground

and hands to the sky

the mighty oak emerges

acorns drop like flees

The Scope Of Things

We refuse to settle

We step where needed

To get where we think we want to be

But are we missing what we have?

We climb and reach

And when we know we can’t make it

We claw for one more chance

We promise this time to give it our all

But this time will it be too late?

We grow frail

We break in the wind

We are tossed to the ground

We become the stepped-upon

From the earth we rise

To the earth we return

Who’s to say we really lived?

Nature’s Mirror


Fire floats upon the waters,

a silk which can’t be scorched

Gold glows into a caressing crimson

She waves hello?

She waves goodbye?

You know not what she says

So you simply inhale the mirror of life

Exhale, lest you breathe so deeply

you drown in her splendid secret

Base Layer

Peeling and rusting

Exposing the heart beneath

To what matters most


Fear binds

Solidifies lines and defines

Tears crystalize and freeze

In life’s gridlock

Until love is felt and frees

We gently soften as

Hearts melt and flow with ease

Fueling The Fire


Heaviness of crimson tears

Wrench the thinker to pieces

A scorch to the heart

A torch to the soul

The turning and clashing

When burning with passion

Unleashing the fury

Of a glass half full



Crickets blare their trumpets

As she slips onto the shadowed runway

Spotlights of peony clouds billow about her

And she is lost within the softness

Never seen, never heard

But know she is there

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