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Lilies Of The Toad

Velvet imposter

Reigns upon the royal throne

Final word of fall


Sparkle and reflect,

Liquid diamond surrounding

The bare dock of life

Where to go from here?

Saddled up and ready to ride,

Reins to pull, but no feet to guide

Kind of like a lump on a log,

Heart on the table and head in a fog

Wood splintered, buckles worn

Rope frayed, leather torn

Drinking in a colorful breeze,

Slipping into autumn’s ease

Open country, endless skies

One must soar until he dies


Fragile angel wings

Rain-splattered against the bush

Lifting for the light


Circle is broken

Ripped open, thrust from the womb

Beginning the end


Where age and grace meet

Splintered wood and rusty nails

Secrets are no more

To Be Noticed


Simple blush of life,

Fresh and moist as morning dew

Whispers I am here

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