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A Tangerine Dusk

Fireball in the sky

Airplane flies across the veil

into the sunset


A single snapshot


in a moment of space;

zoom in, shoot.

Which angle will you frame?

Will you manipulate the image?

Will you crop or cut and paste?

Oh, the choices of post processing…

Memory is a funny thing.

Here’s what you see,

but what is really there?


Crawl out of the space between life and death

Tunnel your way into the world, breath by breath

Don’t become crumbled pages torn from a book

Lifted one at a time from the spine exposing

the emptiness where no words remain

…And So This Is Love

Love is not the beautiful pattern on the wings;

it starts as the ground upon which the wings light.

Love is the ability to watch those wings fly solo

and the effort to transform also

so both can soar the skies together.

Love becomes the whisper

 between the flutter of wings,

 the promise of worlds discovered,

and the air that holds their hope afloat.

****Happy 30th wedding anniversary to the love of my life, DirtMan!

Panels Of Existence

Worn and weathered, rising to seek the sun;

sunflowers in our own right.

Wrinkles of life stretch upon us,

yet we shine within the light.

We carry the grace of time on our houses

and wisdom and love in our hearts.

We peel and crack; and still we dance

beneath the skies of all life imparts.

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