SuziCate's Musings


Just a reflection of what I once was,

yet I still stand tall though I lean.

Time seems to have beaten me down,

but don’t feel sorry for me;

I ran long and hard so these feet deserve a rest.

My eyes have seen more than their fair share.

I’ve witnessed wonders and miracles,

and beauty beyond words.

The pain in a lifetime only intensifies

gratitude of the goodness one is gifted.

You, too, will reach that point of slowness,

a time that simply being silent and still

and knowing yourself inside more than out

is enough in itself…it is a deep wisdom

that comes with age and experience…

it comes to those who have truly lived.

When you see me as a gnarly and holey old woman,

I ask you to look again and see that I am holy.

I tell you to never forget life is sacred…

one day you will be here reflecting

upon the shell you once were.


Comments on: "Once" (2)

  1. This moved me to tears – I’ve always seen trees as magical, mystical beings.

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