SuziCate's Musings

The Multitude

tassels mingle
with the clouds
as their silky ears
grow skyward.
The ground army
does not march but
sways in agreement.
Husky arms rattle
in the wind, and its
song softly whispers,
“We hear all.”


Comments on: "The Multitude" (4)

  1. spooky corn field. I’ve always thought if I wandered into one that I would simply disappear!

    • I like looking at the from the road…have never been in a corn maze and don’t think I want to…nor do I want to venture into a large corn field!

  2. I like this one a great deal. You have personified the corn through imagery. Would like to do this for my Wednesday guest post. Will use your pic and bio from last time. Please scan text and pic and send as jpeg. Thanks

    • Thanks. I’ll certainly send it…but I’m a techni idiot so I’ll have to have the hubby convert it to a jpeg for me this weekend. I might can figure it out, but am too tired too attempt right now.

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