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Just a reflection of what I once was,

yet I still stand tall though I lean.

Time seems to have beaten me down,

but don’t feel sorry for me;

I ran long and hard so these feet deserve a rest.

My eyes have seen more than their fair share.

I’ve witnessed wonders and miracles,

and beauty beyond words.

The pain in a lifetime only intensifies

gratitude of the goodness one is gifted.

You, too, will reach that point of slowness,

a time that simply being silent and still

and knowing yourself inside more than out

is enough in itself…it is a deep wisdom

that comes with age and experience…

it comes to those who have truly lived.

When you see me as a gnarly and holey old woman,

I ask you to look again and see that I am holy.

I tell you to never forget life is sacred…

one day you will be here reflecting

upon the shell you once were.


Sweet Magnolia

Though her hand is full,

she takes from no one,

and refuses none who seek.

She has been tread upon and used;

nicks scar her delicate skin.

Still she waves and smiles,

her fragrance floating among the clouds.

Her memory lingers like her sweetness

that fills this life.

The Multitude

tassels mingle
with the clouds
as their silky ears
grow skyward.
The ground army
does not march but
sways in agreement.
Husky arms rattle
in the wind, and its
song softly whispers,
“We hear all.”

Weathering The Storm

You roll in like a storm cloud

darkening all within your wake

you pour your wrath upon us

striking us down like trees

your havoc wreaks for days

even as your sun begins to shine

the gust you blew in on

slowly drifts you out to sea

and we, your collateral damage,

are left to pick up the pieces

and that we do…one limb at a time

…until you decide to roll back in…

In The Distance

It calls out to all,

wildly waving from the bridge,

a welcome ashore.

Green Heron

Yellow eyed feathered friend

Kicks up his heels in the sand

Fishing for minnows

Outta’ Here!

See you in a week

Headin’ out to the river

for some R & R

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