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Wails pierce the darkness,

ripping slumber from the streets.

Like a kite tail flipping in the wind

moans trail flashing lights down the boulevard,

leaving a trace of tears and the hint of death.

People go about their business while

Mother rocks the crying child.

The weary rest, but they never sleep.


Comments on: "Warning" (6)

  1. Perfectly characterizes some of the “less than pleasant” areas of Miami. My desktop wall paper is similar to this pic as gives clear background for icons.

  2. The photograph was actually an attempt at capturing the “super moon”…not quite successful, oh well.

  3. facebooked and liked!
    memories of motherhood with a sick toddler or baby.
    could also be Syria now.
    You depict such vivid scenes. 🙂

    • We live near an eight lane blvd and we hear sirens all the time…never know what they might be for or all the other wailing that goes on behind the scenes…

  4. Great photo. Very descriptive poem.

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