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Portal of Hearts

Compassion sees through the portals of hearts

Without ever even looking

To know what waits beyond the fence post hole

Is the depth of love

To accept whatever is there is grace

To exist when the fence rots is trust

The compass of truth points the way

Can one truly live without love, grace, and trust?

This Life

Stems that hold life

Fragile as flower petals

Dip and twist, rising forth

To greet the rising sun

This life we hold in outstretched hands

Is what we make of it

Do we live it in shades of gray

Or in breathing colors of nature?

Branch out and touch the world

Rise forth, wise one

Cusp this life in your hand

Step inside and live it out loud

The Gift

Counting sands in the glass

Or listening for the chime

As elusive as grace

We can’t catch time

From morning dew to veil of dusk

We mark it and spend it and even try to bend it

 We attempt to mimic it in gadgets to sell

This gift for which we are under its spell

Cone Flower

Food for birds and bees

Mother Nature cares for all

Sugar of the Gods

Swirling fan of seeds

Purple petals majesty

Beauty to the eye

The Hunter

Into the treetops

he flies for a bird’s eye view

below water’s edge.

Scouting water’s depth,

he will surely take the plunge

if fish swim in sight.

Lunch time: Watch out fish!

The hunter is on the prowl.

Nothing escapes him.

Tinted Transparence



Without light

I can see through

Your heart to your soul

The bones of you matter

As I breathe in your life force

And expand upon your essence

Our lives, a chemistry of our love

I will wear my heart on my sleeve for you

****This is my meager attempt at an Etheree poem.

Fire on the Mountain

All is calm in the cool well of the valley

Flames flicker over the hills,

Blazing into the sky

Yet there is no safety…

Beauty rages

Pearl of the Night

She pulls her cloak over her shoulders

as she strolls through the night

She clutches the diamond choker from her throat

and tosses it upon the pearled carpet

inviting weary travelers to her celestial mansion

Petunia is not a pig.

Fleeting and fragile as a snowflake,

Petunia wears a tutu of innocence

She smiles a golden ray of sunshine

as she dances from the inside out.

She holds you in her childish spell

until the scalloped edge of youth wears out.

When her sun no longer shines,

she simply folds her skirts and bows her head.

Salve of the World

She enters the world as a bud of mistrust.

Love squeezes his way into the tiny clenched fist.

She opens, one finger at a time,

offering the palm of her hand to the world.

Beauty blooms where love lives.

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