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When Time Stood Still

When time stood still

Wind still whistled through the pines

Clouds floated through the sky

And the scent of lilac wafted in the air

When time stood still

Rivers flowed within confines

Baby birds learned to fly

And I still cared

When time stood still

All the things life defines

Continued to bloom, continued to die;

Above all, love dared

For Charlotte, My Favorite Mermaid

Flowers in her hair

She swims rainbows of the deep

With purpose and flair

For she glides with grace

Waves of memories to keep

Along her life’s race

Rise to the Shine

When the climb seems hard

keep breathing and don’t look back

the view will soon change

In the Hush of the Night

Neither of us speak

I see you and you see me

We watch in silence

Calling of the Hours

Destiny awaits

just beyond the ocean waves

beneath shining sun.

How can time stand still

when worlds await to be explored

and your soul beckons?

Be Here Now

Unmoving we are,

shadows shift, waters glisten

beneath shining sun

Be still, friend of life,

feel the wind, hear the river

softly calling you


Tumbling like a glass off the edge of a table,

Spilling, spilling, spilling

No thunder rolls, no lightening flashes

No warning of tears that pour like rain

Wetting the skin, soaking the soul

Drilling, drilling, drilling

Through flesh and bone to the core of the heart,

Releasing silence into gasps and groans

Until breath comes once again

Dripping, dripping, dripping

Washing away all that is not you

As you learn to drink your own tears

Watering the seed ready to bloom within your soul

Glistening, glistening, glistening

Sun is breaking through the clouds

Tears you’ve wiped become diamonds in your hand

Listening, listening, listening

You feel a tug and hear the words within

It is your voice…speak!

In Living Color

***I apologize if you saw this on my other blog a few days ago…I meant to post it on this blog but set the wrong one!

Painting hearts in skies

where colors and life collide

and the best shines through

 Sunsets of our lives

reflect upon the waters

where goodness resides

Time to Live

Take this day as yours

Breathe deeply, enjoy this time

Life is for living

A Moment In Time

Struck by the beauty

and the power of nature,

we bask in wonder.

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