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Spring Fashion Show

A shrub comes to life:

dainty cotton blooms burst forth,

showing off its dress.

Romancing Dusk

Clouds burst into flames

Glowing upon the water

Sunset made for two

Doing It Over

One step at a time

I follow yesterday’s stairs

Still I wind up here

Jump Out Of The Picture

Looking through a frame

Life is viewed instead of lived

Don’t let yourself rust

First Iris of Spring

Arms stretched overhead

she sticks out her purple tongue,

hairy and yellow.

Her beauty teases

as she dances in the wind,

bending to no one.

Dreamy Sky

Arms hang, fingers bend

As clouds float just out of reach

Pond of nature’s dreams

Spring Succulence

Wet with rain water

Tangerine beauty bursts forth

Shining like the sun

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