SuziCate's Musings


Rolling, gurgling, splash.

Water trickles through the rocks.

Waves wash over me


Running, falling, crash.

Current flows and never stops,

Cost of being free.


Comments on: "Rush" (14)

  1. I felt I was rushing along myself……..lovely!

  2. Very fine verse.

  3. A lot of movement in this poem. Well written 🙂

    • Lots of movement in water, and in life. I often sit and just watch and listen to the stream do it’s thing…very relaxing.

  4. Cost of being free. Suzi, your genius overwhelms me. I love it! Photo and verse. The last line dazzles. Blessings to you…

  5. perhaps not a cost but ravishing delight

  6. Great water shot!

  7. a gorgeous truth suzi, shared beautifully.

  8. wonderful as usual.

  9. IT’s said those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve niether –
    Happeness is to revel in caous rather then fear it? or am I wrong agin sensei?

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