SuziCate's Musings

The Process

Van Gogh painting

Springing and ringing from the belly

this chaos, turning and churning

Emerging and curving from the void

rising and falling, coming forth and stalling

transfixed in awe, we wait it out

twisting and turning, smoldering and burning

chiseled, tap by tap

formed, ridge by gap

written, word by word,

taking shape until it is heard

painted, stroke by stroke,

almost evolved from smoke

and so it is pieced to completion,

this beast of the belly,

this work of art


Comments on: "The Process" (5)

  1. I like the staccato of the rhyme here. Never saw this VG painting.

  2. loved the painting and the poem. creation of any thing is truly a complex activity. 🙂

  3. This reminds me of the time my sister showed me an inexplicable modern painting –
    I used the word pychological Excriment, not so much as an insult but as an observation
    on a process – forming in the subconsious – and emergeing – ready or not, into the light of
    day. Often thoughts have a mind of their own and seem to create themselves weather or not
    others want them. Sometimes the result is beautiful – but even when it isen’t, there is bound to
    be an interesting reaction.

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