SuziCate's Musings


crisp water invites

branches stretching to the sun

leaves whisper the tale


reeds rise from moist sand

moss drips like an ice cream cone

roots expose nature’s truth


earth reaches blue skies

connecting in the distance

long lost lovers kiss


*my first attempt at haiku. My dear friend, Trisha, is superb at haiku.


Comments on: "Touch" (17)

  1. Good picture

  2. Lovely haiku verses! You are talented. Blessings…

  3. you are an angel suzi, thanks for liking them.

    your are pure magic. they are simply magical. i will be waiting for more from you. your first bunch said that you have that magical touch in you.


  4. amazing…keep it up………..

  5. You did well, perhaps continue creating haikus and see where that takes you 😛

  6. Oh I really like that last one. So what do you think about writing haiku? Like it? Challenged? 😀

  7. Alive aLwaYs said:

    you look to me an observer,
    a nature person.
    Loved your poem!

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