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No Words


There are no words to attach

to pain that scrapes you from the inside out,

and places what you’ve trusted in doubt.

There are no words to describe

when you don’t know how you feel,

and little in this world seems real.

There are no words to ease

the bumps along your road,

or the heaviness of your load.

There are no words to clarify

the things we can not understand,

so please just offer me your hand.

And when there are no words,

the gift of silent support can be best

while the weak and weary rest.


Comments on: "No Words" (9)

  1. but your words flow like river here.

    beautiful sentiments.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. “I know how you feel”, although an attempt to comfort, is insulting in the moment of the sufferer. My daughter ran away for several years to explore the wonderful world of crack cocaine. I had to go to the police station to sign a release for dental records in case they found her body dumped somewhere. No one could understand that pain. She survived and is in her late 20’s and is a good mother to the 3 children.

    • I’m so happy her story has a happy ending. People mean well but they often really don’t understand. Many of our situations can seem similar but are different as each of us are different in the way we deal with things. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

  3. Hugs. Blessings…

  4. a golden truth. sometimes word become lame-useless, holding hands is more than enough then.

  5. Let the living hold you in warm arms of love. May I have this poem as well?

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