SuziCate's Musings


Flickering like a flame in the wind,
it dances before our eyes
and flutters across our hearts.
We can’t quite grasp it,
yet we can never let it go.
It’s a warm breath on a crispy morning.
It’s the cool breeze on a smoldering day.
It seeps in like needed rain
into the crevices of dry cracked earth.
Evasive and fleeting, at times,
it scoots in and out of the shadows.
It fills us and sustains us for the moment.
It seems we are always standing
on the edge of hope.


Comments on: "Hope" (8)

  1. Your poem is just lovely, Suzi. Hope is my word for the year 2011. You described it with such perfect imagery for invisible yet real-as-the-wind hope. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you…

  2. Beautifully done…

  3. i so very much echo your views. i cant imagine a life without it. that will be pure hell.


  4. Your lines are powerful! Honest and to the point! I can’t stop reading 🙂

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