SuziCate's Musings

My Boy Blue


In a hurry, you dart in and out

like the minnows in your fishing bucket

You can never just be,

always have to cast that line

as far as your arm can reach

from the edge of the river bank

You always hook us with laughter

from your sideline of wisecracks

And so you love and you give

with a heart bigger than the sun

Your spirit of adventure,

your quest to live,

dances in your devilish grin

and twinkles through your blues

It’s always been your eyes,

could be their bright color

or that tinge of sadness that lingers,

But always you’ll be my boy blue

Time only allows us but a while

to collect the rocks of memory

I reach into murky waters

and grab all that I find

I toss them with the minnows

darting in and out of my heart,

nibbling away at me

Hold tightly to that line, my brother,

and fight with all you can muster

No matter how swift the water runs,

 it’ll always take you home


Comments on: "My Boy Blue" (22)

  1. this one is splendid suzi. the last line is containing a subtle twist, what is that?


  2. You captured him perfectly.

  3. wonderful..hope it all works out.

  4. Wonderful poem for a wonderful boy! 🙂

  5. vivid imagery, welcome back.


    have fun today.

  6. A lovely verse– saw your name above mine in the list and realized it’s been a long time since I visited and I always enjoy your writing.

  7. the last line rings suzi and hey its been a long time my friend! try mine-

  8. Aww…the sweetest thing to say for a sweet boy!! Here we are, collecting as many memories while we can…and there they are, making memories for us.. i all their blue-eyedness!

    Isn’t that just lovely!!!!
    Really, a beautiful poem, Suzicate!!

  9. “No matter how swift the water runs, it will always take you home.” It ain’t the swiftness or the calmness of that river that has mattered. The question has been will it “always” take me home? Or to somewhere else? Frightening or strange? It would be very comforting to know that the river always took me home. Perhaps it will if I do not interfere with the river’s intent.

    • You’re weighing too much on it’s meaning which you won’t get unless you know the person its about…it’s about a loved one who is terminally ill and written in a form about his love of fishing. It’s a personal messag – so yes, in this case, it will take him home no matter how swift it runs. The river is an analogy.

      • Yes Yes, you are correct I suppose. I read myself into the poem. Perhaps this is the strength of a fine poet. That I could do that. I think when a fine work like this is produced it does not belong to its author anymore. It belongs to the world. On the other hand maybe this is why Professor Lott told me 42 years ago that I was not fit to be an English major. I switched to history. Oh well.

      • It’s good to be able to read yourself into a poem, it’s just not always what the author intended. Alot of things that I write are taken for other things, maybe that’s a good thing, maybe I’m too vague at times? I’m sure you’d have been fine as an English major…Love history!

  10. I know you mentioned you wrote this for a loved one who’s terminally ill, but this made me think of my nephew for some reason. Such a bittersweet poem. It brought tears to my eyes.

  11. Hats off to you! You are an amazing writer.
    The lines
    “Time only allows us but a while
    to collect the rocks of memory
    I reach into murky waters
    and grab all that I find..” brought tears into my eyes. Missed my grandfather who passed away, a lot.

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