SuziCate's Musings

Tiny Fingers

Tiny fingers

Fragile as twigs

Soft as feathers

Warm like the rising sun

Tiny fingers that fit inside of mine

Rub my cheek and arm

Tiny fingers I think

Could never cause harm

Tiny fingers

Curl up in sleep

As they twirl my hair

They wave to and fro

In goodbye and hello

They patty cake and roll

And often grab more than they can hold

They wipe away childish tears

Can’t quite hold back all their fears

Tiny fingers

Hold tight to kites and ice cream cones

And endlessly tug and pull at my heart

Tiny fingers smear paint across the page

They tighten and grip in a fit of rage

Tiny fingers that pinch and grab

And snap and clap to song

Tiny finger that race hot wheels

Through the sandbox all day long

Tiny fingers learn so much

Through the years and all they touch

Tiny fingers, all dimpled and pudgy

Oh, how I remember those tiny fingers

That somehow grew into the man you’ve become


Comments on: "Tiny Fingers" (6)

  1. its a journey of nostalgia and ecstassy to see a child grow up, esp your own child. 🙂

    you wrote it so beautifully suzi. loved it very, very much.

  2. Thank you for the poem. It made me ache for the baby of what my adult son has become. Where does the time go? Childhood is bittersweet. And moves too quick.

  3. All of a sudden, I miss Peanut even more. :-/

    • Awe…they just grow up so dang fast. those tiny little fingers that struggle soon master things we couldn’t imagine when they were so tiny!

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