SuziCate's Musings

Loss Of Integrity

You claim freedom of speech gives

you the right to speak your mind

You justify your crimes with the right to truth

When you imprison others with your ugly words,

you take liberty out of the equation

It is not an honorable man but one

of negligence and weakness that

puts others in harm’s way and himself

hides beneath the shadows of entitlement

You toss threats like a spoiled child

in the midst of a temper tantrum

But it’s a child’s own guts he spills

as he claims persecution, not the blood

of innocent caught in the path of destruction

The words from your mouth slaughter the very

ones who defend your right to say them

When exercising freedom

there comes responsibility to life

There is no truth or justice in betrayal


Comments on: "Loss Of Integrity" (6)

  1. Jim Yarborough said:

    Assuming this is about Julian Assange.Well written

    • Thanks, Jim. I think people commit many selfish acts in the claim of freedom of speech. While I think freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, I think there are times that one should exercise caution and put the rights of others ahead of their own.

  2. this is so true suzi. some times we forget that with liberty/independence comes a responsibility heavier than most of us would like to shoulder.

  3. Well played. I think some people forget Assange is not an American citizen and, therefore, is not entitled to the protection of free speech under our constitution. Charge him as an enemy combatant, but the real traitor is the US citizen that leaked him the information. That person should be convicted of treason.

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