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Sarah Lavender

Pretty, purple, fragrant

Your flower of choice

It was only fitting

To plant it in a ceramic pot

And place it upon your tomb

You tend to the growth of it’s life

And I kill it, cutting the stalks

And drying the sweet aroma

To breathe in a bit of you each day

We only exist now

As the living and the dead

Nothing standing between us

But the hard, cold ground

And these damn flowers


***This poem was inspired by the line “Who knew that sunflowers stay standing, even when dead?” in the piece titled “Absence of Land” at Filling a Hole. Please pay  a visit to this very talented writer. I think you will feel the power and emotion in her words and want to keep reading more.


Comments on: "Afterlife" (29)

  1. The poem is striking, with its references to living and dead – there’s a bitter taste to it that becomes more pronounced as I read on (at least partly fueled by ghosts it stirs up), and the final lines hit hard… A powerful poem indeed.

  2. Yay!
    Great poem.
    I’m flattered and happy to help!

  3. You did a great job with this poem. Very moving. Tender.

  4. The flowers are a poor substitute i agree.

  5. signed .............bkm said:

    great images and thoughts here have me thinking…flowers, we smell them in even after we cut them down…breathe them in..afterlife of their own…I will spend some time on these thoughts…thank you…bkm

  6. An appreciation of flowers is akin to appreciating the good things in life. Often it is taken for granted. Excellent!

  7. Fantastic exposition on the painful similarities of life and death. The inspiration you cited certainly got me thinking, perhaps more fodder for the mill later on. The picture you wrote seemed so achingly sad. Enlarging the symbolism of the flowers with the “damn” preceding them in the final line was breathtaking. The ground is impermeable and hard, but the flowers show beauty that screens the same truths as packed dirt. Very moving.


  8. ‘and these damn flowers’ – great parting-shot. Enjoyed

    Warmest Salad


  9. I liked the vivid connection between the living and the dead, and the scent of the flowers carrying a bit of the dead.

    I also appreciated your juxtapositioning the dead nurturing the flowers with the living killing them.

    A teriffic One Shot, SuziCate!

  10. betweenhearts75 said:

    Strong and beautiful…between living and dying, dying and living…yet an impressionism of the sense both still go on somehow…this “breathing” in the “aroma” on the air….at least this is the feel I got with it….fabulous writing!!! :~April

  11. Wow…beautiful write with powerful imaginations.


  12. beautiful, shining photo you have for the header…and os true, we only exist now, so make the most of it

  13. There is some very beautiful imagery in this piece. I also love the hope that is contained in it. at least for me. Love and Light, Sender

  14. Beautiful and poignant remembrance, Suzicate. The ending is a knock out!

    My one one shot:

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