SuziCate's Musings

Son Of Man

Sandal trodden, he walked the dust of the road.

To spread the important message, he could not tarry.

He only rested long enough to lighten his load,

and on to deliver the words he was chosen to carry.


The people flocked to him and tagged along.

It was a reformation of the time, perhaps a revival.

To stand against ridicule, one had to be strong.

Perhaps, it was a matter of eternal survival.


Who was he? Was he a prophet or a preacher,

they wondered as his journey passed their way.

So many lessons learned from the great teacher.

They continue to argue his identity even today.


Three Word Wednesday Prompts: demise, effort, revival

Such effort he exerted, the One, the Son.

Did he have any idea or foresee his demise?

His role has been played; his job is done.

Still, we gather to hear his message in reprise.


His death was the plan, so that others may live.

Now the message is written for any to receive.

Every single life is blessed with love to give.

Each one has a choice whether or not to believe.


Comments on: "Son Of Man" (4)

  1. Very nice. I can picture myself tagging along behind him. 🙂

    I also enjoyed your Grand Canyon pictures on your other website. I can’t wait to visit there someday.

  2. Thought provoking and quite true…we all have free will. Isn’t it interesting that other religions have symbols that represent life, beauty, nature…and Christianity’s symbol is literally one of death (crucifixion cross)…and yet it also represents life? The ultimate double entendre.

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