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It’s All In The Not Knowing

Agony stomps circles

Around the not knowing

The bitter sharpness

Between crushed shells of yesterday

And the sands of tomorrow flash

Before your eyes and threaten to blow out

In an icy gust of timeless confusion

The crater in your stomach pounds it’s fists

Against the falsehoods and visions in your head

It’s the uncertainty that brings you to your knees

And ultimately kills the soul if the answer doesn’t come

It’s all in the not knowing that silently

Steals the night from beneath your pillow

Bones of courage shatter and scatter

Like broken glass, remnants pierce marrow and matter

In the meantime, you pace the hallway of what-ifs

And search the recesses of time gone by

All in hopes of foretelling a good future



Ping ping

Melting snow

Spike of ice

Sharp enough to pierce flesh

Soft enough to penetrate soul

Ping ping

Drip drop

Splatter of wetness

Melting of colors that brightened

A cold winter day

I Wish For You…

I wish for you this Christmas day

For simple love to come your way

I wish for time to hold family near

And reconnect with those held dear

I wish a chance to share drink and food

To sing and dance in festive mood

I wish for you to remember sacrifice

And the One who paid the ultimate price

I wish for you for peace within to unfold

And to hear of love that was once untold

I wish for you for all your needs to be met

And that your heart holds no past regret

I wish you warmth and Christmas Light,

Happiness, goodwill, and inner sight

I wish you intimate moments and laughter galore

I wish you Merry Christmas and so much more

Is This Not Enough?

I hear the familiar ringing of Christmas bells,

partake in cedar, cinnamon, and holiday smells,

while I bask in the warmness where love dwells.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees?

There are people in this world with little to eat.

There are children with no shoes on their feet.

There are homeless in my sleeping on the street.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees?

Can I shove a few dollars to say that I care?

My problems are small, nothing to compare,

yet I sometimes think my own life unfair.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees?

It will take more than the words that I say.

It will take action on my part some day.

I can make a difference in some small way.

Is this not enough to bring me to my knees to pray?

Dancing On Angels Wings

Daddy’s drinking. Mama’s crying.

The child is praying for a world outside.

She just wants a way to escape

to find a safe place to hide.


Daddy slams the whiskey down

while Mama glances at the door.

The little girl runs to her bedroom

as she’s done many nights before.


Daddy’s swearing. Mama’s trembling.

The child wipes a tear from her eye.

Beneath her castle of covers

she feels like she is going to die.


Daddy kicks the dining room wall.

Mama takes off her wedding rings.

And the little girl became a princess

who dances on top of angels wings.


Daddy pours himself another glass,

and Mama slowly walks away.

The child is in a land of dreams

where she hopes she can stay.


Daddy’s head spins in thought.

The love in Mama’s heart is dying.

The child tries to hold it all inside,

these feelings she’s been denying


Daddy’s smoking. Mama’s cleaning

when the angels came for tea.

They take the child far away,

but she knows she won’t be free.


Daddy’s raging. Mama’s praying.

And the princess is flying high.

Daddy starts to settle down,

and Mama lets out a deep sigh.


Daddy’s drinking. Mama’s crying.

All are trapped by his disease.

So the child dances on angels wings,

living in a world of make believe.


Though I am not transparent

I come from the deep

From beneath the weight

Of tons of all that is hard

Not recognized for my luster

My resilience is commendable

For I am no one’s imitation

A cubic zirconia, I am not

I am my own diamond

Rough, unpolished, raw

I am not shiny, nor pretty

But I am real

previously published on One Stop Poetry, feautured for One Shot Wednesday

Loss Of Integrity

You claim freedom of speech gives

you the right to speak your mind

You justify your crimes with the right to truth

When you imprison others with your ugly words,

you take liberty out of the equation

It is not an honorable man but one

of negligence and weakness that

puts others in harm’s way and himself

hides beneath the shadows of entitlement

You toss threats like a spoiled child

in the midst of a temper tantrum

But it’s a child’s own guts he spills

as he claims persecution, not the blood

of innocent caught in the path of destruction

The words from your mouth slaughter the very

ones who defend your right to say them

When exercising freedom

there comes responsibility to life

There is no truth or justice in betrayal

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