SuziCate's Musings

The Scribbler

Oh, how I try

One word at a time

Deleting and replacing

Until I get it just so, and

I rewrite it at least once more

Then I string a sentence with another

and another until I complete a paragraph

A comma here and a period there, so is grammar

Dropping adverbs and adjectives for concrete verbs and nouns

I sling around words of interest, forming poems inside my head

Then I delete sentences and paragraphs of self doubt

I moan, groan, and struggle as I fights ideas

And wonder if I make any sense at all

And some days the words never come

A blank page is the worst pain

Any expression is better than none

I try and I try as I may someday

Become more than a scribbler

A writer of intent, of reflection.

Of words that touch, soothe,

Words that matter

Words of life

Oh, how I try

 Prompt is “Apprentice”.


Comments on: "The Scribbler" (2)

  1. This is awesome, and I know exactly how that feels!

  2. i can totally relate! nice penning!

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