SuziCate's Musings

Rock Against Rock

Rock against rock

Animal, man, the hunt, and dance

 Life recorded in stone

Vibrant swirls etched in time

Withstanding years of wind and rain

Rock against rock

That others should know per chance

 Sacredness of the lone

Water and earth divine

Time does not exist in love and pain

Rock against rock

Sticks and stones, water to the flame

A diary on the wall

Left for the world to see

An endurance of the fight

Rock against rock

We are still the same

If we hear the sacred call

To honor our Majesty

And know it is our right

Sunday Scribbling’s Prompt is “Friction”.


Comments on: "Rock Against Rock" (3)

  1. ‘A diary on the wall’ this line made me think of so many stories, books and movies. Brilliant use of words. Good job.

  2. lovely nature image.
    Glad to see you beam with a poem each day.
    keep it up.

    let me know if you wish to be in poets rally week 33.

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