SuziCate's Musings

Fancy This


You and me

A duo, A pair

So simple, the two of us

We love deeply and we live fully

We give and we take and compromise

Can you fancy this? No trickery, no lies,

No glitter, sequins, or flashing neon lights

No billboards or skywriting declarations

Wrap it in a bow and tie it if you must

Still, no sugar coated words will ever

 cross these lips of mine to yours

Nothing less than the best

Pure, sweet, and honest

Truth from me to

You, the one

That I love



Prompt is “Fancy”.


Comments on: "Fancy This" (10)

  1. wonderful intentions. beautiful poem suzi.

  2. Beautifully written. And I like one word beginning and one word end.

  3. A picture of true love! Brilliant!

  4. What a beautiful globe of pure intention! Fancy this.

  5. This is indeed very make it look so simple..yes, it is possible to achieve this to be happier always.. well written.. thanks!

  6. Oh, Beaytiful. Fancy this piece soooo much.

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