SuziCate's Musings

The Great Masquerade

The Great Masquerade Ball of all time

It’s here today, on a street called life

Do you have a ticket?

What shall you wear?

There are tons of designer labels to hide

The insecurities of daily living

And don’t forget you can always lurk

Beneath a tough exterior

Or a façade of power and importance

Or you can come as you are,

No mask, no disguise,

Just a humble expression of being

A creation of love and possibility

And see what happens

When the clock strikes twelve

 Prompt is “masquerade”.


Comments on: "The Great Masquerade" (6)

  1. lovely post – I’m for coming as I am, no more masks or disguises for me… 🙂

  2. Thought provoking. Life has really become all about designer labels, insecurities, facades, et al. Very rare that we come as we are. Beautiful thoughts.

  3. I really like this. I had visions of a mardi gras type of affair, with lavish costumes to hide behind. But then you threw me for a loop at the end. The juxtaposition is great.

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