SuziCate's Musings

The Inquisition


Sunday Scribblings prompt is “Curious”.

What are we gonna’ do?

We have an appointment.


At the doctor‘s office?


For immunizations.

What’s that?

Shots to keep you from getting sick?

Will it hurt?

It’ll just pinch a bit.

When are we gonna’ get there?

Soon, dear.

How soon?

Very soon.

Who’s going to shoot me?

The nurse.

Why can’t the doctor do it?

Because she has her nurse do it.


So she can see other patients.

How does the nurse know how to do it?

She went to school to learn how.

Are we there yet?

Curious minds want to know!





Comments on: "The Inquisition" (5)

  1. divine…..wisdom post….
    love all..

  2. Heehee – sounds to me like a taken-from-real-life poem! Loved it :).

  3. so true! On the plane recently I heard these cute little toddlers constantly saying “Mommy, why….”.

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