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Only In The Silence

Only in the silence

do I hear that faint whisper,

the one that hums

beneath the roar of the river,

the one that strums

between the rustles of the wind.

Only in the silence

do I feel that gentle nudge,

the one that tugs

at the wings of my soul,

the one that hugs

around the beating of my heart.

Only in the silence

do I see that dream,

the one that hides

in the dark hours of the night,

the one that resides

in the marrow of my bones.

Only in the silence

do I taste the miracle,

the one that lives

in the ancient salt of unshed tears,

the one that gives

when there is nothing left inside.

Only in the silence

do I smell the hope,

the one that lifts

the fallen man with steps,

the one that gifts

the thirsty with living water.

Only in the silence

am I awakened to the sacred.


Comments on: "Only In The Silence" (50)

  1. that lives in teh anchient salt of unshed tears…wow…great line suzi…like the new digs….

  2. that’s super beautiful,

    whisper under the river, wow.
    you are getting romantic in poetry writing.

  3. Thanks for the participation.
    marked you down as done.

  4. Mother Teresa once wrote that God speaks in silence, and unless we enter into silence, we might never hear. I thought of this as I read your poem. – bill

  5. a nice poetry .. cool 😉
    Visit my poetry .. THE GRIEF …
    for week 31 RALLY

    !! HAPPY RALLY !!

  6. such a beautiful imagery you wove with your words…wonderful poem!

  7. Silence is very poetic, and your words do give that effect very well, Suzicate 🙂

    My Rally Entry is Here:

  8. Wonderful imagery! Silence is amazing when it’s not overdone. 😀


  9. We encounter God in the space between the noise. Absolutely lovely poem. A sweet, gentle gift. Thank you!

    Poem on …

  10. Amazing…I love the sacred feel associated to this poem…makes my Sunday a typical one.


  11. Lovely, just lovely…


  12. Ah yes, the sacred silence. You’ve captured the hum nicely too!

    This is wonderful, and it chides me to return to neglected meditations.

  13. Just beautiful, Suzicate. I love the look of the page too!

  14. Great poem, I love the way it flows.

  15. beautiful the smell of hope….glad you have a poetry site going….blessings…bkm

  16. Only in the silence…beautiful. So few people take the time just to appreciate the moments of quiet and calm and solitude. You’ve captured the sensation wonderfully, with some lovely comparisons and images. Nice work!

  17. I read another poem about silence earlier. The message is the same. There’s so much value in silence. A lot of people just don’t realize it. I think it’s pretty underrated in this world.

    Lovely words! 🙂

  18. Beautiful and resonating

  19. Kick Out The Jams said:

    Wonderful imagery, we should take time to hear that silence…

  20. Your imagery is amazing! One of my favorites of the day!

  21. belladonna23 said:

    lovely, the imagery and emotion is stunning

  22. danroberson said:

    Not in the storm, nor in the wind, but in the silence do we feel the calm, hear the voice, and become one with the spirit. Excellent poem.

  23. That was a beautiful poem, Thank you

  24. penelopephoebe said:

    What a wonderful poem. You have a natural way of expressing yourself that resonates through your work.

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