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Water running through my veins
Wind blowing in my face
Feet dancing on the ground
Fire burning in my soul

And what is it that remains
When all is empty in this space?
Will I take what I have found?
What will be my final role?

Will I find that love reigns
As I roam about this place?
When I turn around
Will I find that I am whole?

Water running through my veins
Wind blowing in my face
Feet dancing on the ground
Fire burning in my soul

A tear,  pure as water, never stains
A single breath I can’t replace
Earth and my soul resound
Flames kindled and never told


she washed the demons from

my soul with a single bar of ivory

soap and hung them out to dry

side by side

for all the world to see

they dripped to stiff lifeless forms

flapping in the breeze

ivory tasted better

than the sting

of a hickory switch

The Inquisition


Sunday Scribblings prompt is “Curious”.

What are we gonna’ do?

We have an appointment.


At the doctor‘s office?


For immunizations.

What’s that?

Shots to keep you from getting sick?

Will it hurt?

It’ll just pinch a bit.

When are we gonna’ get there?

Soon, dear.

How soon?

Very soon.

Who’s going to shoot me?

The nurse.

Why can’t the doctor do it?

Because she has her nurse do it.


So she can see other patients.

How does the nurse know how to do it?

She went to school to learn how.

Are we there yet?

Curious minds want to know!




Coming Into The Light

I must submerge

In order to emerge

I go deep within in order

To bring authenticity to the surface

I am a digger and a diver and a flyer

I often mine for truths to share with the world

I used to keep them hidden for me alone

Now it is my offering, wanted or not,

I used to lurk beneath the shadows

Now I have chosen to live

I have risen from the void

But I am not afraid

To go back in


I know

I will



Photo is a Surreal image by Winification.

 Prompt is “Emerge”

Simplicity Of Grace


Grace is

Ease of breath from my chest

When I am with you

Our bodies entwined at rest

Until the morning dew


 Grace is

Fine pencil mark between

The candle and the flame

Truth of what was unseen

But in the light became


 Grace is


Smoothness of words dancing

from the curve of your lips

Miracles of per chancing

Out of thin air rips

Grace is

The assistance and push

Of a V formation of birds in flight

The solitude and hush

That comes in the middle of night

Grace is

From an oyster with an irritant

A lustrous pearl is formed

And knowing one can be content

Stripped and unadorned


Grace is

The nod of the sunflower’s head

To the glorious sun

And the turn of his bed

When the day is done

 Prompt is “Grace”

Of Blood And Wine

The Red Vineyard - Vincent Van Gogh


Grapes of wrath

Passion on the vine

Scarlet hues of life

Appetite of blood and wine

A final draw that determines

What is yours and what is mine

We lift our glasses to toast to the red

Which we have stomped not in vain

We boast of desires and escapades

That sometimes result in pain

But we must remember

That both




Will leave a stain

Sometimes for eternity

entry for One Shot Wednesday.

When Love Speaks

Love speaks an eternal language

In utterances of heart and soul

In a glow of silence

It lifts and holds

A flame that permeates

Bone and tissue

It rises on wings

To heavenly terrain

And gently graces

The tears of memory

Love rejoices with truth

And speaks not in vain

But lives quietly within

Love heals the spirit

And conquers worlds unknown

Love promises unity

Clasping the hands of time

Love is gentle and kind

Without anger or resentment

When love speaks

One needs no ears

To hear it’s words

That warm from the inside out

And hold us in the palm of it’s hand

Love speaks a universal language

As old as dirt itself

And stronger than ocean waves

It will bend in the wind but not break

Loves speaks in pulses

Vital to existence

When love speaks

All understand

Poetry Potluck entry for theme “Love and Romance”

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